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Free & Benefit Songs

This song was written to thank all of the amazing heroes helping to save the world during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  To help spread the thanks, this is a free download, please share with those heroes.

To offset PayPal fees, The Following benefit Songs are $1.34 so that $1.00 per download still goes to each organization.

Elisa's song, "Believe," was on the radio in Atlanta for an ad campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Atlanta, and it has been played and performed at various American Cancer Society Luminary Ceremonies throughout the country.  This song has been raising money on iTunes but was moved here in order to keep raising money via downloads.  All proceeds from this song go to The American Cancer Society.  

Elisa's song, "Fly Free Butterfly," was raising money on iTunes for the Lupus Foundation of New England for many years.  It has also been moved to this site in order to keep raising money via downloads.

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